How to always win at playing "tai xiu" and tips for a 99% winning rate in betting


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The online game of "tai xiu" at uk bookmaker has a fairly simple gameplay, but it's advisable to learn some tips to win big. Choosing a reputable bookmaker is also a way for you to achieve a high winning rate.
"Tai xiu" online always has a strong appeal for many enthusiasts of gambling. Knowing how to always win at "tai xiu" will provide you with more information when participating in these betting matches.
In addition, you should also consider some tips for playing "tai xiu" to increase your winning rate. A reputable bookmaker can help you become wealthy with "tai xiu".
Guide to always winning at "tai xiu"
Main content of the article
To know how to always win at playing "tai xiu" online, you need to have a clear understanding of the rules. In general, the game of "tai xiu" is determined by three dice (also known as sic bo).
Each die is numbered from 1 to 6, and a game of "tai xiu" will have 3 dice. Players simply need to predict the outcome of these 3 dice and place their bets on the table.
The result of "tai xiu" usually falls into two main cases as follows:
"Tai" (Big) bet: In this case, if the total points of the 3 dice range from 11 to 17, the player will win with a 1:1 payout ratio.
"Xiu" (Small) bet: In this case, if the total points of the 3 dice range from 4 to 10, the player will win with a 1:1 payout ratio as well.
Some bookmakers also offer additional bet options such as even/odd, specific number bets, etc. Therefore, players can study to choose a quality gaming platform.
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The online game of "tai xiu" has fairly simple rules.
Tips for 99% winning rate for beginners
The gaming platforms have programmed the "tai xiu" game to provide players with many conveniences. However, there are some tips that can help you achieve victory when playing "tai xiu".
Thoroughly prepare and carefully budget your finances
Carefully budgeting your finances is not a tip that everyone knows when playing "tai xiu". Betting games often captivate players, causing them to continue playing without stopping.
If you are lucky and achieve a victory, you will have more money. However, if you are unlucky, you will lose all the money you have. Therefore, budgeting your finances will help you know when to stop.
Avoid placing bets on the same option repeatedly.
Experienced players of "tai xiu" often provide information that players need to be more flexible in placing bets in the game. You should observe and study the patterns to place multiple bets, as this increases your chances of winning.
Avoid placing bets on the same option repeatedly.
Choose a reputable bookmaker
In addition to budgeting your finances and avoiding continuously placing bets on the same option, you also need to pay attention to choosing a reputable bookmaker. Many bookmakers design the game of "tai xiu" with unclear policies to profit from players.
In such cases, no matter how much research or betting you do, it's difficult to achieve victory. Therefore, you should choose a reputable bookmaker to play "tai xiu" online.
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Learn how to allocate your capital intelligently
The method of allocating capital when playing "tai xiu" online or "tai xiu momo" is widely discussed on forums.
You can apply any capital allocation method, but make sure it suits your financial capabilities.
For example, let's say we use the 1:2:3:4 capital allocation method with a gradually increasing betting amount.
We will increase the capital through consecutive wins. When losing, you return to the initial capital level.
When choosing this ratio, you must ensure that you can multiply the bet amount by 4 or not.
If you can't, you need to adjust and use a more suitable ratio, such as consecutive x2 bets or the ratio of 1:3:2:4, etc.
The online game of "tai xiu" is designed with simple rules to provide players with the best gambling experience. These tips for playing gambling games will help you increase your chances of winning, and you need to pay attention to choosing a reputable and quality gaming platform.
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